360° Images on Facebook

Hey 360 fans!

Facebook just rolled out the ability to upload 360 panorama images. 360 Cameras like the Theta S are great, but I love creating images from scratch in Photoshop and Cinema4D as well. To create 360 Images this way, we'll need to tweak some Metadata tags in order for Facebook to recognize the image as a 360° panorama.

First, create the image. It should have a 2:1 ratio, so twice as wide as it is tall. It should also be high res. At least 4K wide, although the more pixels the merrier. I often go up to 8000x4000

Next, tweak the metadata! There are a few tools out there that I have found to work easily

SetEXIFData(Mac)  http://marc.vos.net/downloads/setexifdata/

Edit EXIF online: http://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/exif-editor.php

Set 'Camera Make' to RICOH and 'Camera Model' to RICOH Theta S.

Process/save and you're good to go! Upload that sucker to Facebook and spin around in the world you've just created!