360° Images on Facebook

Hey 360 fans!

Facebook just rolled out the ability to upload 360 panorama images. 360 Cameras like the Theta S are great, but I love creating images from scratch in Photoshop and Cinema4D as well. To create 360 Images this way, we'll need to tweak some Metadata tags in order for Facebook to recognize the image as a 360° panorama.

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360º VR Animation - 6 Cam Method

Hey mograph peeps! This is my second article on creating 360º VR videos. If you missed my first article about the Shiny Sphere method in C4D (no plugins needed!!!) you can check that out here: 360º VR Animation with Cinema4D.

This method produces essentially the same results, but there are some differences in workflow. Lets take a look before we begin.

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360º VR animation with Cinema 4D

This is a quick walkthrough about how to create animated 360ºVR content for YouTube using native Cinema4D tools!

[I have an alternative method outlined here: The 6-cam method which also uses native tools. It includes a few extra steps and a third party plugin, but it comes with a few benefits.]

Anyway, Lets hop right in:

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