Santana - La Flaca - Lyric Video

In Association With Gupta Media

Within my first 6 months on the job, my concept won the pitch for Santana’s La Flaca Lyric Video and I was given the opportunity to Art Direct a small team of designers to produce it. I directed the visual style and boarded out the overall story arc, as well as animating the last 1:30 of the piece myself and putting together the final edit using the sections of animation my team created.

Music: Santana - La Flaca
Concept and and story by Sean Bowes
Animation by Sean Bowes, Scot Brucato, Erika McLepke, Jacquie Vujcec
Illustration by Sean Bowes, Natalie Leroux, Scott Brucato, Erika McLepke, Jacquie Vujcec, Meghan Ciaramitaro