Shakira - El Dorado World Tour

In Association With Syndrome Studio

Syndrome Studio brought me in to help with animating several visual looks for Shakira’s 2018 El Dorado World Tour. The studio created the visuals for 11 full songs and 2 interludes for the tour. I personally animated 1 interlude, and 3 full songs under the direction of Syndrome Studio Creative Directors Mars & Micah based on styleframes they provided. All images below courtesy of Syndrome Studio.

Bicicleta [FINALE]

Bicicleta was created using footage of bicycle wheels decorated with woven string, ribbon, and LED lights filmed by Syndrome Studio.

I layered and animated that footage with lyrics and circular graphics to create a spinning whirlwind of colors that pulsated to the beat during the energetic finale.


This interlude tells the creation story of the Colombian indigenous people the Muisca. The god Chiminigagua emerges from the darkness to create light. From the light, two enormous black birds emerge, flying around and emitting light from their beaks which creates the sun, the moon, the Earth, the rainbow, and finally the Mother Goddess Bachue. My role was to rig and animate the characters and scenes based on boards provided by Syndrome Studio, as well as designing and animating new elements to fill in the gaps as needed.


This track has a reggae inspired backbeat that was emphasized in the live version, giving a strong jungle vibe. I animated a dense jungle environment based on boards provided by Syndrome Studio which swayed in time and reacted to strong beats in the music.